Auto & Truck Brake Repair Services in Spotswood, NJ and Surrounding Areas


Auto & Truck Brake Repair

Brake service is an issue of safety. We feature fast brake repair that replaces pads, shoes and drums for stopping power. An ASE certified car mechanic will suggest if both front and rear brake service are needed. In many cases, new tires may also be needed to ensure adequate traction to complement new brake repair.
Fxing Brakes - Maintenance in East Brunswick, NJ
Our teams have repaired and serviced drum brakes and disc brakes for all the major automotive manufacturers around. From ‘80s American cars with drum brakes to modern Japanese cars with disc brakes, to European sports cars with cross-drilled brakes, our goal is to keep all brakes properly functioning so that you can safely brake on the road.

Brake Repairs/Services

  • Disc Brake Repair
  • Drum Brake Repair
  • Brake Pad Replacements
  • Brake Line Replacement
  • Brake Line Repair
  • Brake Fluid Services (removes contaminated fluid from master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers and brake lines, and refill with quality Dot 4 brake fluid)
  • Brake Saver
  • Rotors Matched Machined
  • Certified RMS (Rotor Matching Service) Center
  • ABS Antilock Brake System Repair
  • And Much More!
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